After Muslim Thugs Brutally Beat 13-Year-Old, Father Gets Sweet Revenge

Brian Anker has a big heart and a lot of patience, but that all changed when his son Noah was brutally assaulted by a gang of Muslim migrants. Without any warning, four Islamic thugs viciously assaulted the child, but Noah’s dad got sweet revenge on his son’s attackers, hoping to send a message to all Islamists. After learning his son Noah was brutally assaulted by Somali Muslim migrants, Brian Anker tried to do the right thing. He wanted to feel sorry for the thugs and their plight as refugees in Denmark. However, when he viewed the video of the brutal attack, he lost all patience for the four thugs. He decided his revenge would involve outing these thugs to the world and warning other Western nations about how these Muslim migrants are ruining their adopted countries. Once you watch the video of the attack, it’s easy to see why this dad wanted not only revenge but to warn others.

Wanting to show the world that these Muslim refugees have problems, Anker posted the video to Facebook, where it went viral. He blames the barbaric behavior captured in the clip on the fact that the Muslim migrants do not want to assimilate to their new home. Anker also spoke to authorities at a local mosque and Somali cultural association, hoping to defuse the situation but to no avail. That’s when he knew it was time to speak out. According to Express, the fed-up dad explained:

“Our children should be able to walk safely around on the street. Therefore, I have chosen to tell the police, as I have shared it on Facebook. It hurts the heart. It can not be true that you can not even send your kid out and ‘play’ on a Friday night.” He added that he wants social authorities to “get hold of these kids so they can be helped before they are over 15 and end up in prison.” However, what’s really concerning is a rumor that these Muslim thugs have started a “hit list,” and when school starts again, they plan to start assaulting others. The angry father had heard enough, and he says it will be his mission to make known that these Muslim refugees refuse to assimilate and are hurting his country of Denmark. He said, “Enough is enough. We have to stand together and fight what is happening around us.”

This is exactly the kind of story that is a warning to America. While many claim that a stop to the influx of refugees is racist, this is about their behavior and their goals to take over Western civilization. That’s a fact that is proven time and time again through these brutal assaults and rapes throughout the Western world. It’s not racist to protect our nation from those with an ideology hellbent on destroying it.

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