[WATCH] Muslim ‘Refugee’ Just Tried To Kill WRONG Cop But Forgot What Town He Was In

Have you ever watched a video and thought “wow, that guy is an idiot” as they do something completely stupid? How about watching a video where a guy gets shot like a million times by a few cops? Those are great too, right? This video includes both. It’s a video where border cops are talking to an alleged terrorist. As they’re talking to him, the terrorist goes into “full stupid mode” and begins viciously stabbing one of the cops with a nasty knife. That’s when he knew it was over. He was about to meet his 72 virgins in the sky. I’m pretty sure those 72 virgins are either 12-year-olds, a bunch of gay guys, or some fluffy goats. Nonetheless, they might be virgins. Did anyone ever specify if the virgins should be adult women? I’m not so sure. Here’s a Muslim refugee finding out the hard way that there probably isn’t 72 virgins waiting for him. I think he got at least 72 bullets though, so that’s a good start.

It looks like this video is from a closed-circuit video camera in a foreign country. It’s very cool that they can pan left and right. The terrorist probably got a few pokes into the one cop and it’s a shame the cops didn’t shoot the guy sooner. They should have cuffed him if they were interrogating him for anything. There’s a fence that would’ve been perfect to cuff and search him while prohibiting him from stabbing someone. I’m sure some people might say the shooting was extreme and they should’ve tasered the guy and brought him in for questioning. Those people should be a cop for a day and try getting stabbed once in a while. They might have a different outlook on videos like this.

The only bad part about shooting him is that now he can’t be waterboarded or tortured for information that leads to possible associates with whom the man potentially operated with. It’s great that they shot him and prevented him from making equally evil babies, although if that guy knocked anyone up, then I’m sure it would be an underage child bride who just leaked her first egg cells. These guys don’t normally have intercourse with anyone their own age. Sometimes the thing they’re stuffing like a turkey is not even human. The biggest lesson people can learn from watching this video is 1) don’t stab cops, and 2) don’t stab anyone.

When you stab cops, then you’re going to get shot by cops. If you don’t get shot right away, then just wait a few moments. You’ll get shot. Don’t worry. It’s pretty easy if that’s the thing you’re into. If you plan to stab someone, then take a deep breath and think about it for a moment. What’s going to happen to you after you stab someone? Normally you get stabbed back, shot at by police, and if you survive – then you spend time in jail and get gang raped or shanked. Is it worth it to be shot or go to prison? No. It’s not. It’s better to NOT stab people and NOT go to prison where the food is terrible and the sex is super gay. Do you want to get raped in a shower while ten other grown men watch and laugh? If the answer is no, then don’t stab someone.

What we’ve learned from watching the terrorist stab a police officer and get shot is that stabbing people is always a bad idea. Even if the person you want to stab really deserves it, then you still shouldn’t do it. You can’t ruin your own life just to give someone a few stitches. It’s not ever worth it. I know what you’re thinking. OJ Simpson stabbed people and got away with it. Sure, that’s a one in a billion chance. Don’t take that chance because you will 99.9% always lose. OJ Simpson was lucky, but you won’t have that same luck. You probably don’t have a white Bronco either, so even if you did stab someone, you couldn’t have a hilarious slow paced cop chase. If you do have a white Bronco, then don’t get any bad ideas.

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