Mickey Rourke : DONALD TRUMP ‘Can S*ck My F**king D*ck,’ (Video)

Actor Mickey Rourke unloaded on Donald Trump in an expletive-filled rant Wednesday night, calling the President “the biggest scumbag on the planet” whose wife, Melania, is “one of the biggest golddiggers around” — while threatening to beat the candidate with a baseball bat.

“Before I throw this first pitch out, I just want to say — the biggest scumbag on the planet is that maggot with an ‘f’ in front of it, Donald Trump,” the 63-year-old action star told TMZ while playing a game of catch with a friend in Beverly Hills Wednesday night.

“F*ck him, f*ck the horse he rode in on,” Rourke continued, adding: “I think his wife is one of the biggest golddiggers around. I know, I used to go out with a golddigger. I mean, how could you sleep next to that flabby, fat piece of sh*t and get your rocks off? Motherf*cker’s gotta have millions sticking out of his a**hole, I mean, you’ve gotta go to bed with that every night? You’ve gotta be a golddigger.”

The former boxer-turned-movie star told TMZ that Trump had sued him and the rapper 2Pac several years ago, though it was unclear what he had allegedly been sued for.

“Donald Trump can go f*ck himself, His wife said, ‘Oh, he’s a tough guy.’ He’s not a tough guy, he’s a bully and a b*tch and he can suck my f*cking d*ck. I’ll meet him in a hotel room any motherf*cking day of the week and give him a Louisville slugger. Kiss my motherf*cking ass you b*tch punk c***sucker.”


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