Germany: Migrant rapes unconscious teen girl, says the sex was ‘consensual’

The trial against migrant Ibrahim C. started yesterday. The man allegedly raped an 18-year-old teen at a Berlin party area, Germany’s Tagesspiegel reports. The teenager, who had just arrived in Berlin, wanted to discover the city in May 2018. At the RAW party site she met Ibrahim C. fter she lost consciousness due to alcohol and taking the wrong drugs (probably ecstasy), the migrant exploited her defencelessness and raped her.

The RAW area in Berlin 


The next morning, after she regained consciousness, she immediately alerted the police. Secured DNA traces and images of a surveillance camera led to the arrest of the 20-year-old migrant three and a half months later.

In police interrogations Ibrahim C. said that the sex with the 18-year-olds was consensual. The defendant is said to have live in Germany since the end of 2014. In the process, C. stated that he was from Libya. But in many other files he is from Tunisia.

The first trial day on Friday ended before the prosecution was read. The judges accepted a request of the defence lawyer to review the judiciary.

The process will continue on May 29th. A verdict is due to fall on 3 July. Ibrahim C. faces five years in prison.

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