(Video) Liberal Idiot Goes To Help “Poor” Refugee Children, Smacked With Brutal Truth

A brainwashed liberal, who bought the leftist “open borders” propaganda, volunteered to help the poor children at a refugee camp. However, after she got out of her car, she was instantly hit with a brutal dose of her own ignorance.

Smug leftists are constantly condemning any opposition to their plans to flood every democracy with culturally incompatible migrants who are religiously compelled to establish Sharia law. They denounce any question of their dangerous objective as “racist” and “intolerant,” all the while turning a blind eye to the racism and intolerance perpetuated by their political pets.

Unfortunately, this always concludes with the horrifying realization that their one-way tolerance isn’t returned by their new guests. Of course, little is more fitting than seeing a delusional leftist smacked with reality — except maybe exposing their hypocrisy in the process.

Recent video footage taken in Athens shows a Greek woman surrounded by the refugee children she hoped to help in a local camp. Instead of arriving to find the “unaccompanied minors” she’s been shown in leftist propaganda, she immediately recognized what we’ve warned all along.

“A sensitive anti-racist, who was baited by the channels’ regime propaganda, went to Ellinikon to offer aid to the ‘persecuted refugee children,’” according to Golden Dawn’scommentary. “However, instead of starving children, she met a gang of thieves, who in no time swiped whatever was in her car, her purse, her cell phone and all her belongings. The same and worse happened to her sensitive and humanitarian friend who accompanied her. Without comment, we present the relevant training video. You won’t see this on any of the entangled porn channels, which feed us bullshit and vile anti-racist propaganda every night, despite the fact that cameras were recording these wretched acts.”

The woman is seen frantically searching for her belongings, questioning the very children she hoped to help. Instead of receiving the gratitude she expected, her self-righteous good deed was met with disrespect and lawlessness, the same reaction migrants across the West have repaid to their gracious hosts.

Perhaps the most ironic facet of this woman’s self-deception is her willingness to abandon the common progressive principle of socialism. It’s certainly easy to preach giving to those who have not, but when it’s time to collect, socialists are the first to whine about the inequality of their own policy. It doesn’t take more than the loss of her iPhone to betray her own belief, shedding light on its failure.

Perhaps if more “open borders” supporters would put their money where their mouth is, they’d realize just how dysfunctional their agenda really is. Of course, there will always be those devout few who refuse to abandon their sinking ship. However, they will someday be forced by the very cultures they’ve claimed deserve tolerance to disavow their liberalism for a tyranny they never knew they were helping establish. People like that, who are capable of believing this multicultural propaganda, need to be confronted with the actual reality of this world.


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