Ted Nugent Saves 2 Women From Being Raped And Murdered, Puts A Killer In The Ground

Ted Nugent says he saw something strange at a gas station and couldn’t quite p[lace it, but that he just knew something was wrong:

I just kept seeing out of the corner of my eye the look an this one woman’s face and the way the man she was with refused to look at me. Then I thought about it. Was he? Was that a?…

My God…I have to do something.

Nugent spun his car around — the station still in his mirror — and called 911. He told the dispatcher to hurry because “there’s about to be a shootout at the Circle K.”

When Nugent pulled in he saw the man nearly having to force the pretty young girl into the car. Luckily, he was putting her in the rear passenger seat so Nugent had a clear line of sight as he came around the hood with nowhere to go or hide. Nugent said:

I told him I was packing and that I’ve taken out cougars with smaller ammo than what I was using. I told him to get on his knees ind lock his fingers behind his head. He reached behind him instead so I wasted him.

Nugent put three bullets in the man — two in the chest and one in the head. He said his aim was true. He was shooting to kill. The man ended up having a Beretta in his waistband behind him. Nugent made the right call.
As of now, there are no words of any charges or investigations. The man in question, Bartholomeu Meegan, is a known psychopath who spent 12 years in a mental hospital for raping and killing two women he abducted from local gas stations. This time he’ll spend eternity in hell.
There you have it, liberals…you all make fun of people like Ted Nugent but he truly is an American legend.


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