Muslim Woman Drops Something In Public That SICKENS Everyone

When a Muslim woman walks into a crowded public place, cloaked in a black burqa, looking around mischievously and even pacing a little, you can only expect that she’s up to something seedy.

Your gut tells you something isn’t right, her behavior seems off, and in this case, it most certainly was.

Surveillance footage has emerged which shows the draped woman walking around in an unknown location when suddenly nature strikes.

The line to the restroom is long, as is usually the case for the women’s facilities, and this particular Muslim woman either didn’t think she should wait or couldn’t.

So, she picks a spot right in the camera’s view, festers around for a moment beneath her heavy black garment, then walks away, leaving the dirty bomb she just dropped right there on the floor.

Perhaps the most priceless moment of this disgusting footage is the reactions of all the surrounding patrons subjected to her stench she carelessly left.

One woman even checks her shoe to make sure she didn’t tramp in anything nasty.

Apparently, the burqa is a pretty convenient cover-up for making a port-o-potty wherever the wearer pleases.

If it’s any consolation to the innocent people who had to smell the nasty prize she left behind, at least this “radical” just dropped a fecal matter bomb and didn’t detonate a suicide vest.


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