After Minnesota Welcomes Burkinis, They Find Something Horrifying In Pools

In the wake of France banning the Islamic swimwear, Minnesota was praised by leftists and feminists for allowing Muslim women to wear baggy burkinis at public pools. However, their exaltation was quickly overcast after officials found something absolutely horrifying in the water.

The burkini ban rapidly gained momentum in France, with the list of cities implementing fines and expulsion from beaches for Muslim women who refused to assimilate. Unfortunately, democracy was short-lived, as one federal judge overturned the majority vote to ban the oppressive garb, according to the Washington Post. Ironically, the judge cited “personal liberty” while saying that women should have the right to choose what they wear — a freedom women are not afforded under Sharia law.

As expected, liberals and left-wing feminists praised the right for women to wear the Sharia-mandated clothing, especially since Minnesota has announced that burkinis are welcome, including the Christian YWCA kowtowing to Sharia and changing its dress codes to include Islamic wear. Unfortunately, the burkini is an unhygienic option that the state might want to rethink, especially considering what health officials just discovered.

KAAL-TV reports that pools are shutting down around southeastern Minnesota and parts of northern Iowa after the Minnesota Health Department informed them that some public swimming pools have been infected with cryptosporidium, a parasite generally known as “crypto.”

The Kasson Aquatic Park and the Mason City Aquatic Center are among the locations authorities believe have been hit with the often chlorine-resistant super-bug, a respiratory and gastrointestinal parasite that causes watery diarrhea and coughing in infected humans.

Although pool employees have announced they plan on “super-chlorinating” the pools and are reopening this weekend, it’s possible that the parasite will not be rendered inactive in time for swimmers. Still, employees expect they will have it under control well before patrons are reintroduced to the previously infected water.

Although the parasite is often spread through waste after it travels through an infected host’s intestines, it can survive outside of the body for long periods of time due to its hard outer shell. Taking into account that this is the easiest way to spread crypto, it’s no wonder that officials aren’t investigating the hordes of migrants settled in Minnesota.

Earlier this year, the West was shocked by reports that migrants were defecating in public swimming pools in Germany, among other revolting behavior. According to Breitbart, pool staff encountered groups of migrants “contaminating” the pool by “emptying their bowels in the water.” Other migrants sexually harassed women and children, laughing in the faces of the employees when confronted.

“An asylum seeker has masturbated in the hot tub and ejaculated into the basin. This is also recorded on the surveillance camera.” He wrote that the group desecrating the jacuzzi, having been thrown out by the lifeguards later returned took “selfies” of themselves while they were in the tub, “jeering” the whole time.

Writing of another pool under his jurisdiction in the down of Zwickau, the town employee continued to say a group of “young unaccompanied women and children” used the children’s training pool, as none of the party could swim. He wrote, in classic civil servants language they “contaminated the pool by getting rid of the contents of their intestines. Native people immediately left the pool.”

After the migrants had defecated and masturbated into the pools, they stormed the women’s changing room in an attempt to sexually assault women and girls.

The U.S. has enough problems on its hands with racial tension, debt, and terrorist activity to take on any other country’s issues. Still, we open our doors to the world’s most oppressed, dangerous Muslim countries, only to have them spit on our values and demand the implementation of laws and culture that put their nations in the position that caused them to flee in the first place.

Fortunately, health officials are working around the clock to inactivate this aquatic parasite. However, we now face new challenges to sanitation from the burkini and migrants with savage intent.

Is it a coincidence that this gastrointestinal parasite made its way to the area of the U.S. that’s resettled the most Muslim migrants per capita or are we just too afraid to blame a culture and ideology that demands conformity to often unsanitary and medieval practices regardless of risk?


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